Zambian man survives swimming with crocs at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

A tourist from Zambia is fortunate to be alive following a crocodile attack Thursday evening in Victoria Falls after he had jumped into the crocodile pool.

The 21 year old Collin Miller who is suspected to have been under the influence of alcohol decided to be adventurous and took off his shirt before diving into a crocodile pool to swim.

The tourist lost his arm following the attack.

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks) public relations manager described the incident as unfortunate and urged all local and foreign tourists to always avoid taking unnecessary risks when dealing with animals.

Miller is said to have been in the country with the other family members for a wedding ceremony.

Reports indicate that the 21 year-old is now in a stable condition at an undisclosed South African health institution where he was flown to yesterday morning(Saturday, 31 March).

Witnesses said two locals bravely jumped into the enclosure and rescued Mr Miller.

“Mr Miller who lost his left arm, sustained fractured ribs and injuries on the head, was immediately airlifted to South Africa,” said a witness.

Yesterday he was reported to be in a stable condition at an unnamed private health facility in the neighbouring country.

The incident, which has become the talk of the resort town, occurred at The Victoria Falls River Brewing Company.

The company’s director Mr Mike Danes declined to talk about the incident.

Earlier the company had released a statement chronicling how the incident occurred.

“On Thursday evening a member of the public deliberately climbed over a protective fence and entered the crocodile pool which houses three crocodiles, deliberately putting his life in extreme danger.

“He was rescued by incredible efforts of two very brave men including an employee of the Cage Diving Company. He sustained several injuries including loss of arm. The River Brewing Company wishes him a very speedy recovery and we are grateful to the quick thinking and bravery of his rescuers,” read the statement.