Mambo Dhuterere who has been trending on social media for wrong reasons over his marriage says there is nothing he can do if people believe rumours without evidence.

“Hatina zvatingakuitewo kana muchi believer nyaya dzisina kana evidence isu tichiri pamwe kuno,” he says.

Mambo Dhuterere adds that it is surprising if it were that no one took a video of the alleged confrontation which is purported to have happened at a car wash.

“Pa carwash pajekerere pogoita noise madam, girlfriend na mambo poshaya anotorawo video?.. anouya ne evidence ye fight pa carwash, yekuti madam is in Botswana now or takaparadzana, any lady ane mwana we public DNA or humbowo hwe affair with any of vakadzi vakupostwa avo ndomupa mota iri worth 20K,” he says.

Meanwhile, this came after a sensational revelation, by controversial gossip commentator Tatelicious accused the gospel singer of engaging in an extramarital affair and impregnating another woman.

Tatelicious, known for her unfiltered approach, aired the private issues of Mambo Dhuterere and his wife, laying bare their marital problems.

According to Tatelicious, Mambo Dhuterere had an affair with another woman from their church, resulting in an alleged pregnancy.

Not stopping there, she also asserts that Mambo Dhuterere has been involved with two other women outside his marriage.

Shockingly, Tatelicious even shared images of the individuals she claims are Mambo Dhuterere’s alleged romantic interests on her Facebook account.

Additionally, she alleges that Mai Dhuterere, Mambo Dhuterere’s wife, was involved in a physical altercation with one of her husband’s purported pregnant love interests at a car wash in Waterfalls.

In retaliation, Mambo Dhuterere is alleged to have assaulted his wife at the same location, prompting her to leave for Botswana, bag in hand.