Exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo has impliedly described Nelson Chamisa’s Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party as an enemy of the people.

Moyo’s comments came shortly after ZANU PF said CCC is an enemy of the people because it is allegedly funded by foreign governments.

Without mentioning CCC by name, Moyo concurs with ZANU PF:

“Any political party that is funded or capacitated by any foreign government to contest elections or grab political power is by definition treacherous, and ipso facto an enemy of the people,” he says.

Moyo also blasted CCC for not having a Congress as it fears being infiltrated:

“With no structures, no congress & no constitution to supposedly shut the door on infiltration; who is infiltrating who with such “please do not share as it is highly confidential” material circulating like confetti out there across the structureless party? Gore redzidzo radzoka!”

Apparently, the CCC recently announced that it would only go for Congress after the 2023 harmonised elections, fearing infiltration.