DJ Fresh, real name Thato Sikwane, responded to his rape accuser’s family, following a recent statement heavily criticising him for labelling their daughter a pathological liar.

In a statement issued to IOL Entertainment, the family came out, guns blazing, condemning DJ Fresh’s recent social media statement where the former 947 presenter said his alleged rape accuser lied about the incident.

Taking to social media on Thursday, DJ Fresh hit back at the family’s statement, revealing that the accuser’s friend “Michelle” confirmed under oath that the rape allegations were fabricated.

He wrote: “@Nampree’s friend and ’star witness’ also confirms under oath that this is a lie!”

The popular DJ also published the statement confirming these allegations.

“We have now been granted access to the statements obtained in the course of the investigation,” offered DJ Fresh.

“Michelle” the roommate, whom (rape accuser) claims was with her during the alleged incident, has stated under oath that, “The incident that Siphelele mentioned that I was with her at a Guest House ‘B and B.’ I was never there. I do not have any knowledge of this incident,” read the statement.

“As we have said from day one, (rape accuser)’s allegations are nothing but a fabrication.”

The family have expressed disappointment alleging that DJ Fresh has made false claims about a member of the family having contacted him to discuss the alleged rape incident.

The statement further states that the family rejects these “false claims”, alleging that they were made to damage the reputation and character of the accuser.

The family called for the former radio personality to retract the social media statement he made earlier in the week.

“We call on DJ Fresh to retract these false claims immediately. Alternatively, he must publish the name of the relative referred to the above as it is of great interest to us a family.

“He cannot be naive to think that he can publish such malicious allegations about our daughter and still have the privilege to hide his source,” read the statement further.

The family also commended their daughter for speaking about the alleged rape incident.

“We salute our daughter’s courage to stand up for herself and in doing so, for the thousands of rape victims and survivors that are afraid to speak up and report rape and sexual assault in this country.”

This comes after DJ Fresh had responded to a post by a Twitter user who goes by the name @LIQsingalaka, who tweeted on Tuesday: “Deep down she was lying yey animazi u Nampree…pathological liar this girl.”

To which DJ Fresh echoed the Twitter user’s statement and wrote: “Aunt of hers called me 3 weeks ago stating EXACTLY THIS!!! She wouldn’t speak on record coz ”family“.

This week saw the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) reveal that they will not be prosecuting DJ Fresh and Euphonik.

Lumka Mahanjana, the spokesperson for the NPA, confirmed to IOL Entertainment there were no prospects of “a successful prosecution on the available evidence because the evidence is insufficient.”

“With regards to the DJs Fresh and Euphonik matter, the docket was indeed presented to the prosecutor. Upon perusal of all the available evidence in the docket, a decision not to prosecute was taken,” read the NPA statement.

In January, the accuser publicly asked DJ Fresh and Euphonik to admit to drugging and raping her and three other women, about 10 years ago.

She then laid a charge at the Sunnyside police station on January 13.