The ruling party, ZANU PF says opposition parties that claim to be democratic should hold elective Congresses.

Speaking ahead of today’s voting during ongoing ZANU PF Youths Congress, the party’s acting deputy Secretary for Youths, Tendai Chirau said opposition parties claim to be democratic but hate holding Congresses.

“We are the only Party that practices democracy other Parties don’t elect each other, they just impose, but we renew leadership of the Party every five years through a democratic and clear process,” he said.

Chirau said fake democrates lie that they are democratic, but hate the process that promote democratic ethos.

“Pseudo Democrats lie to you to say that they are democrats yet they don’t practice the democracy so they need to get lessons from ZANU PF, the revolutionary Party which brought the democracy they talk about.”

He added that all is set for the Congress.

“This is the Elective Youth Conference and various process have so far been done across all Provinces and tomorrow there will be a confirmation of the process.

“The elections will be held tomorrow led by National political commissar,” he said.

His comments come high on the heels of announcements by the Citizens Coalition for Change party that it is not going for Congress until after 2023 general elections.