Image: NewZwire

The European Union Ambassador to Zimbabwe says the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) should still deliver its mandate with or without money from them.

“You can tell me (funding ZEC) was not the right decision.

“But it’s important to have an electoral commission that can deliver its mandate,” says Kirchmann.

He made these sentiments while speaking to NewZwire in an interview.

The EU recently withdrew its funding to ZEC, citing lack of transparency in how the country’s electoral management body held the just ended polls.

Meanwhile, ZANU PF welcomed the EU’s withdrawal of funds from ZEC with the party’s Secretary General Obert Mpofu saying it will reduce chances of the institution being influenced by outside forces.

The EU wrote of their withdrawal of USD5 million citing their dissatisfaction with the conduct of the election body.

“The EU’s withdrawal of funding to ZEC should be seen as a welcome move as this will reduce the chances of our institutions being influenced by outside forces and will prevent our detractors from influencing our institutions through money.

“We, as ZANU PF have taken note of the actions by the EU and we take the opportunity to remind the nation that our first election which delivered Zimbabwe’s independence was not funded by any outside donors.

“Our own resources which are raised from our own people through taxes are way more than any donations that may come our way,” he said.

Mpofu commended ZEC for what he called its refusal to be swayed by money:

“As a political Party that subscribers to the autonomy of ZEC in protecting the will of the people, we commend ZEC fully for refusing to have its independence extracted from it by donor dictates and its ability to conquer trinket luxuries from the West with its sinister agenda.”