Kenyan President William Ruto is now accusing unnamed foreign entities of being behind the countrywide demos against his administration.

Speaking in Kajiado County while officiating the commissioning of the Kimuka sub-station, the Head of State alleged involvement of foreign elements outside the country in fuelling the protests.

“Wale wanajaribu kufanya mambo kule ng’ambo sijui wapi kupangapanga mambo ya nini, mimi nataka niwaambie Kenya is a democratic nation and this is our country na Kenya hatuhami,” he said.

In the Wednesday address, the President appeared to have resumed official duties since the storming of Parliament on June 25, 2024.

In an apparent reference to calls for him to leave office, President Ruto said Kenyans will have an opportunity to express their views in the 2027 General Election.

Ruto exuded confidence in tone and manner pushing back on the recent spate of protests saying there are no shortcuts and people should wait for the next elections to elect new leaders.

“So, hakuna haja ya kuharibu amani ya nchi, hakuna haja ulete fujo Kenya, hakuna haja ya kujaribu kutumia njia ya mkato. Wananchi hawa ni werevu na ndio wataamua vile Kenya itasonga mbele,” he said.

For the last three weeks, youthful protestors identifying themselves as the Gen Z have been conducting intense demonstrations across the country calling for among other things President Ruto’s resignation from office.

The protests have been powered through online platforms under the hashtag ‘Ruto must go,’ But Ruto has fired back saying Kenyans will have their say through elections.

“Hapo 2027 tutafanya mtihani na hawa wananchi. So hakuna haja ya kusumbuana hapa katikati, wacha tungojee hii mtihani tuone nani wa kupita, nani wa kuanguka,” he noted.

President Ruto has been under intense pressure from protestors who accuse his administration of broken promises, arrogance and impunity.

He has for the last one week been hinting at changes in government, the latest hint suggesting what the President called a broad-based political arrangement.

Some have interpreted the hint as a pointer to a potential government of national unity preceded by changes in government. But at this stage all that remains speculative.

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