Zimbabwe’s main opposition party the MDC Alliance on Thursday dismissed threats by the pro-Zanu PF, MDC-T party, to field candidates in the upcoming by-elections using the Alliance name.

Douglas Mwonzora’s party recently said they plan to participate in by-elections as the MDC Alliance, saying the 2017 electoral pact still subsisted.

Responding to Mwonzora party’s name claim, MDC Alliance national spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere accused the MDC-T of working in cahoots with the ruling Zanu PF to destroy Zimbabwe’s main opposition.

Mahere said:

They’ve tried taking our elected representatives. They stole our funds. They violently invaded our building. The theft of our name is the latest stratagem to try and hoodwink the people.

Our message to Zanu PF is this: it’s not the name that will win us elections. It’s the people behind us who own the struggle. The people know who their leaders are. We’ll fight back and we will fight back politically.