A HARARE woman is being accused of stealing a car she had purportedly hired from her church mate.

Tanyarwadzwa Irene Mandengu (25) is alleged to have “hired” a Honda Fit vehicle from Patience Tiyapera (40), on behalf of her “employer,” in May. She, however, then failed to pay rental fees and could not account for the car valued at US$4 700.

Mandengu appeared in court yesterday, facing charges of theft of a motor vehicle, and was remanded in custody to September 7.

She was advised to apply for bail at the High Court, as she is facing a third schedule offence.

Allegations are that on May 19, Mandengu asked to hire Patience’s vehicle on behalf of her employer.

Patience agreed but, after a while, Mandengu failed to pay the car rental fees, prompting her to demand it back.

Mandengu, however, failed to return or account for the car’s whereabouts.

She started coming up with contradictory statements on where it was.

Patience then made a police report.