A Harare woman wept uncontrollably in court yesterday threatening to take poison if she was not granted a peace order against her son.

Ruta Mukawira told Harare magistrate Tamara Chibindi that her son Ahed has been insulting her on a daily basis and refusing to vacate the family house in Tafara despite his old age.

His age was not given in court. She vowed to take poison if her plea for a peace order was not granted.

“I want him to stop coming to my house. It is my house and my late husband left it for me.

“He can go and marry and have his own life. He is too old for me to be taking care of him,” Mukawira explained.

“I am now old and he is stressing me out.”

Ahed said he doubted whether Mukawira was her biological mother.

“My mother has lied to me about the identity of my sister for over 50 years. I was told recently by my aunt that my late father met my mother when she already had a child of her own,” Ahed said.

“Now they want to chase me away from the house and use it as an orphanage, yet I am the only male seed of my family. I am starting to doubt if I am her biological child. She ill-treats me because I am poor and do not have anything material to offer her.”

Chibindi granted Mukawira a peace order and ordered Ahed to stop insulting and harassing his mother. She also ordered him to stop visiting her house in Tafara.