Police in Karoi arrested Purity Maodzewa (20) on 16 November 2021 for a case of infanticide which occurred at Mupakati Village, Chief Kasangarare, Karoi, where a minor aged four died.

The suspect had a domestic dispute with her husband and gave the victim who is her elder child a chemical called nemesis in an attempt to kill her two children, aged two and four and later commit suicide.

The minor is said to have cried loudly which drew attention of other family members who intervened before she gave the chemical to the other child.

Unfortunately, police say the elder child died before being taken to hospital.

Meanwhile, the police are on record urging members of the public to resolve disputes amicably.

Apparently, issues of domestic disputes and violence have become cause for concern not only in Zimbabwe, but the world as a whole.

And the world is currently commemorating 16 days against gender based violence.