Tinashe Zisengwe

Kuzvara kunorwadza this shona phrase often refers to how painful it is for women to give birth, then imagine the agony of losing one to thieves after having gone such a torrid process.

This is exactly the bleak situation Maidei Muiti (34) of Musaknyi Village under Chief Chiweshe is faced with after her newly born baby was kidnaped three days after birth.

It is reported that Muiiti had gone to cook supper in their kitchen hut leaving the baby in the bedroom.

Within a few minutes her elder child went to check her sibling only to find the door wide open and the baby missing.

She then informed her mother of the strange happenings.

Police in Mashonaland Province have launched a manhunt for a person who stole a newly born baby in Chiweshe.

Provincial Police Spokesperson Milton Mundembe told the press that, “If anyone happens to see any suspicious mothers they knew had no newly born babies or were not pregnant but now have a baby, to report to a nearby police station.”