A Whitecliffe woman claimed she had forgotten her one-year-old daughter at a shopping centre after finding her in the care of imbibers three hours later.


The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon at Whitecliff shopping centre.


People drinking at the shops looked after the child after noticing her wandering around without an adult.


They were shocked when the mother returned after three hours with tears streaming down her cheeks saying she had been looking for the child.


The imbibers confronted her and she failed to explain how she had forgotten the child at the shopping centre.


“I left her at home when I came to the shops and I am surprised she is here,” said the woman.


The visibly shaken mother could not explain further as she kept on crying as some imbibers demanded that she tells them the truth.


“We saw this child walking confused in a shop. The child kept walking in and out of the shops showing that she was lost.


“Then Good Samaritans drinking beer took and kept the child until her mother arrived crying,” said a witness.


Another witness said, the mother went to the shopping centre to buy some bread and forgot the little girl.



“She came to buy bread and forgot the kid only to come back crying.”


“Where have you been, you dumped the child or you had gone to cheat,” asked one drinker.


After interrogations, they handed the child over to her and warnedher that she risked being attacked by members of the public if she did it again.