Nyengeterai Matengarufu of Matande village under Chief Negari is being accused of burning down her boyfriend’s bedroom hut to punish him for refusing to take her as his wife.
The woman had reportedly eloped to her boyfriend Justice Machava’s place but he rejected her ostensibly on the grounds that she has a child from a previous relationship.
Although Chief Negari said the matter had not yet officially reached his office, he confirmed the incident.
“People who are responsible for submitting a full report of what really transpired are yet to inform me. The incident indeed occurred and is currently being handled by the police. It is said that the girl was not welcomed by what she had hoped to be her future family so she burnt one of the house out of anger,” said Chief Negari.
A source said Matengarufu was angry that Machava impregnated her but did not want to take her as his wife.
“Machava is still a young boy so he refused to marry somebody who already has a child with another man. She had eloped the previous night but everybody had given her a cold shoulder, leading to the arson attack,” said the source. tell zim