Zimdancehall celebrity chanter Winky D weekend delivered a bold but cryptic message to haters within the “system” who have tried to silence his voice, during a performance at the Castle Lager National Braai Day in Harare.

Clad in a striking black and white pirate outfit, Winky D not only showcased his spellbinding showmanship but also conveyed what could be a deeper meaning.

The black and white attire resembled the iconic Disney character, Jack Sparrow, as played by the legendary Johnny Depp.

This deliberate choice of attire served as a metaphorical representation of the musician’s defiance, resilience, and willingness to navigate the treacherous waters in his artistic journey, which began two decades ago.

The Gafa president, as he is affectionately known, wowed the crowd with his performance, which he dubbed the “Return of the Gafa,” reclaiming his position as the king not only of Braai Fest and ZimDanceHall but of all shows, surpassing all local artists.

Prior to this triumphant return, at the Castle Braai Fest, Winky D faced secret restrictions from state-run media after releasing his album “Eureka Eureka,” which exposed corrupt practices, bad governance, and socio-economic issues affecting the country’s youth.

His absence from the Castle National Braai Day last year under unclear circumstances left his fan base in dismay.

However, his cryptic artistry at this year’s event showcased his depth and intellect, laden with hidden revelation that his music, which spoke truth to power, would not be stopped by cheap politicking and targeted victimization.

Through songs like “Photo Life” from the album Gafa Futi, Winky D reflected on the negative experiences that shaped him into the exceptional artist he is today.

In his performance of “Nobody,” a single from the Split Personality Riddim, Winky D encouraged his fans to fearlessly stand by their principles in business, relationships, and life-changing decisions.

Another significant song he performed was “Gafa Party” from the album Gafa Futi.

In this powerful anthem, Winky D asserted that he does not involve himself in politics but remains a patriotic Zimbabwean who only speaks truth to power in political and socio-economical conscious songs.

With each lyric he delivered, Winky D challenged the foundations of the oppressive system that attempts to stifle his voice.

His unwavering determination to break free from conformity stood as a reminder to his detractors that their efforts to cancel him will ultimately be in vain.

Text/ Image: Zimlive