Norton Independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has saluted prominent musician Winky D saying he is a cut above the rest.

“To @winkydonline I say that you have shown that muri chibaba chemusic. I say to you Famba Winky Famba! I’m an Amapiano person but I make an exception on you.

“You have a gift from God. You are deep and are above the rest. Ignore zvikomana izvi, when they go low, go high,” he says.

Mliswa urged young musicians to learn from Winky D, born Wallace Chirumiko.

“These other younger singers should learn from Winky D and understand that, as fish, their water are the masses not political parties.

“You sell yourself to political parties, your end is very much near. Zivai varungu venyu,” added Mliswa.

He challenged deputy minister Tino Machakaire to engage Winky D if he has issues with his album instead of listening to bootlickers.

“Hon Machakaire I will differ with you here. As an open young leader yourself I believe you can invite @winkydonline and he can explain for you his album himself instead of believing gossip tales from opportunists and bootlickers.

“It’s because there are limited minds who think gulping down everything blindly is the correct form of patriotism.

“Winky D is more patriotic than all those other DJs & singers bootlicking the party by foolishly insinuating the involvement of foreign embassies on a music project.

“Who doesn’t know that the thematic content on Eureka Eureka is the same since way back for Winky D.

“It’s nothing new. He has produced many songs before with similar content. Was he being paid all that time?” He said.