A photo has gone viral on social media of a young lady showing affection to her boyfriend who was at work selling ice cream somewhere in Zimbabwe.

Many have trolled the young lady saying she is a gold digger and all she wants is to finish him but others have decided to look at the positive site of this relationship. Others said these two could actually be University graduates with big plans ahead of them.

One twitter user wrote:

Welldone to the young lady, not all girls are after money, this is beautiful sight, Love is beautiful
Can we find sponsors for these 2 guys

Let’s see how many RETWEETS will this couple get.

Another wrote:

Love is good. Pure love that sees the person on the inside and the potential for the future.

I did that.

Guy from poor background mission school, but exceptionally intelligent. Gets Scholarship to NYU does Finance. Succesfully climbs the ranks in banking and stockbroking . Starts venture capital finance company with 3 American guys, 1 Banglideshi. Makes a heap of money, buys a few properties around the world, becomes silent partner, starts scouting for mining opportunities in Zim in 2021. Moves to Zim full time in 2022 and starting a new career in mining.

My successful smart, dapper, funny Masvingo mission school guy who my friends thought was too far below me for it to work. Now he is above all of them and their partners. 17 years in New York molded him into Mr Smooth. Talking to him you would have no idea of his humble background .

God used him to raise his family up. They are doing good and so proud of him.

I’m proud of him too.

I always tell women the story look for a good guy with potential, don’t judge where he is today.

True story.

Let’s not Judge them

Another said life changes:

Great testimony. Good things happen to the humble but pride comes before falling. The diaspora has many fake people. Enough people pretend to be what they are not and make claims about their childhood no one cares about. Matakadya Kare haavaraidzi mwana. In the end they are obsessed with class which they don’t have. People who grew up eating coleslaw like everyone else in their humble neighbourhood sharing bedrooms now claim to be the experts in fine dining. People who can’t afford unexpired food pretend to be the richest people and often they just have clerical jobs and don’t even own houses. Nothing wrong with this, it’s the looking down on people they have which is a problem. Often it’s just masking huge insecurities and some are already in their 50s.

People with confidence see people for who they are and know that people can come from different backgrounds, but as long as they are determined they can change their station in life. I now believe the saying UK ndimaenzanise. Vaya vaisekwa kuti vane 5 certificates pa O level a lot of them own multiple properties while a lot of those who used to shout I went to Saints don’t even have papers. Guess what? they still think they are better.

Whilst others insisted :

People are taking these jobs because of the economic situations but most of them are highly qualified with degrees. Doñt be surprised they were together at the university!

The guy might have more disposable money than some people assume. If it wasn’t paying bills I am sure we wouldn’t see many with those bicycles and trolleys. Also “Money” is relative. She might still be a gold digger at his level.

This is a lesson for social media users to not simply judge.