With the success of The Hundred last summer, many people probably felt that the advent of this new and exciting format spelled the end for the T20 Blast, itself a shortened version of cricket contested by counties across the country.

And yet, with this year’s T20 Blast campaign now well underway, cricket fans are beginning to realise why it is still one of the premier events on the sporting calendar.

While the connoisseurs of the sport analyse the cricket betting market, let’s take a look at a few reasons why the T20 Blast still attracts plenty of attention.

Short format

The biggest thing that the T20 Blast has in its favour is that it is contested over the classic Twenty20 format. Each team bowls 20 overs each before they swap around, making it a simple, easy to digest game of cricket.

This attracts fans who might not necessarily be interested in the hard graft of Test cricket, but who simply want to support their county in a game that is easy to understand and follow. The short format also makes it easier to analyse cricket tips and make predictions as a result.

An evening’s entertainment

The nature of the T20 Blast’s short format is such that the matches can be played to a conclusion in just a few hours. This makes it a perfect evening of entertainment for fans hoping to attend, and attendances increase as a result as spectators aren’t having to book out a whole day to go to the matches.

With county cricket, and Test cricket in particular, the lengthy nature of matches makes it difficult for supporters to really get involved, as life simply gets in the way. The T20 Blast provides one evening of action which opens and concludes in a timely fashion, making it attractive to both seasoned cricket spectators and casual fans alike.

Cracking atmosphere

The fact that more people end up attending the T20 Blast leads to a much better atmosphere being generated than at most County Championship matches. Spectators are usually in the mood to party, and while the glitz and the glamour are not quite at the same level as The Hundred, there is a still a feel-good atmosphere at the grounds as the fans get into the spirit of things.

Indeed, the fervency of the crowd usually leads to some impressive performances from the players. Batters feel more motivated to go for a dramatic six as opposed to tip-tapping their way up the scoreboard, while bowlers crave the roar of the crowd when the wickets are sent flying.

Dramatic endings

Speaking of the action itself, there is nothing quite like a dramatic chase in the T20 Blast. If the home team is batting second and chasing a big score, there are quite often some hugely exciting endings to matches as they attempt to score enough runs to win in the 20 short overs.

As the game draws near to a close, batters often have to take more risks to try and go for the victory, while the bowlers attempt to do all they can to avoid giving away sixes or boundaries. It’s thrilling stuff, and when you combine all these aspects of the T20 Blast, it’s easy to see why it still holds a special place in the hearts of many cricket fans