A Chinese mining company is trying to evict 20 000 people in Domboshava after it bought a nearby mountain from Zimbabwe government.

The problem is, no one has come up front to name the culprits behind this criminal deal.

The issues were confirmed in a statement on Friday by Deputy Government spokesperson Energy Mutodi :
I have prematurely ended my ZITF tour in order to attend to villagers in Domboshava who are claiming a Chinese company is planning to evict 20 000 individuals from their land after it was granted mining rights to extract quarry stones from a hill in their area.
A law that predates Zimbabwe that was retained by post independence governments to govern the mining sector notes that mining rights supersede the right to occupy. Therefore, it is likely that residents are going to be evicted from Domboshava if the government does not move to address the issue.

According to this law, the Chinese people now have more rights to the land, than local Domboshava people.