When it comes to becoming a delivery driver, things aren’t as simple as they seem. Drivers on the road confront a few problems that aren’t usually linked to navigation or route planning. When delivering packages, how do drivers know where to make a pit stop or where to locate a public restroom? What if they run out of petrol and need to find a local gas station?

These and a host of additional difficulties make their task even more difficult. Courier and delivery driver work may be difficult, and we understand this. Despite this, they are not alone in their battles. Delivery drivers use a wide range of smartphone apps and driver routing software to aid them with their deliveries daily. Explore the finest applications for delivery drivers to help them succeed in their careers.

1. Google Maps

One of the most crucial applications that delivery drivers must have is Google Maps. The usage of Google Maps has not only set a standard for other navigation systems but has also done the same for the people who use it. Google Maps provides the most accurate directions for driving of any other mapping service. A driver who makes deliveries also has access to information about the current traffic conditions.

2. Route planning application

With the responsibility of making hundreds of deliveries weekly, delivery drivers need more than simple navigation. Route scheduling and optimization need a delivery route planner app. Because of this, they are relying on Google Maps, or Waze will only benefit a limited level. They can plan the stops manually, but they won’t be able to optimize the route in terms of distance or time.

If a delivery driver has to make 60 stops in a day, would they have to look up the instructions for each one physically? In the alternative, would they prefer that a clever algorithm take care of the planning and optimization? Using a route planning program like Rout4me, these delivery drivers no longer have to perform all the legwork. To acquire the most efficient route, no matter how many delivery locations, you must enter them into Route4me.

3. GasBuddy

Finding out where the closest gas station is quite helpful. However, suppose they might save money by not using as much gasoline? GasBuddy aims to help delivery drivers save money on gas by finding the lowest rates. Drivers throughout North America may get real-time gas price information thanks to this app.

4. 8Fit

When they’re on the go, it’s hard to keep up with good eating and exercise routines. However, maintaining good physical and nutritional health is critical to their well-being.

Physical exercise and eating healthily are essential for those who spend most of their day behind the wheel. 8fit makes it easy for them to eat healthily and exercise regularly. ‘

5. Headspace

Maintaining delivery drivers’ health and well-being while on the road is critical. A stress-relieving tool like Headspace is a must-have for those who work in stressful environments. They also require cerebral exercise in addition to physical activity. So that they can deal with difficult circumstances, they do this.

The above mentioned applications are intended to simplify delivery drivers’ jobs and make them more enjoyable. Using one of these delivery driver applications will make it easier for drivers to get through their shifts and wind down at the end of the day.