Citizens Coalition for Change president Nelson Chamisa says Zimbabwe is a land of milk and honey, however it has been made horrible because of bad politics.

He says as blessed as the country is, Zimbabwe can’t be a place of shame.

“We can’t be a country where every youth wants to leave for overseas or neighboring countries.

“We’ve made our beautiful country so horrible on account of ugly politics Zimbabwe can’t be a place of shame.

“We’re a place of pride & fame. A land of the gifted. This we will change,” he says.

Meanwhile, Chamisa has bemoaned what he calls the oppression of Zimbabweans by Zimbabweans saying independence has lost its meaning:

“AUGUST IS HEROES MONTH..But where is Uhuru when rights are being violated? Our liberation heroes did not sacrifice life and limb for the oppression and persecution of fellow Citizens.

“Our prayers and solidarity are with Our Citizens heroes and their families. Bail is a right.”