ZANU PF youth league yesterday gave fierce warming to their counterparts in the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC saying that they are ready to give a befitting response to any protest against the government.

The warning came after MDC youth assembly leader Tererai Obey Sithole had said the wing had resolved to confrontational president Emmerson Mnangagwa. He said:

We are taking the decision to confront this regime, knowing fully well that the answer to the national question lies in this generation, which has a future to safeguard.

As the MDC youth assembly, we are going to set the pace in making sure we save this nation from despondency and deprivation. We are neither apologetic nor afraid to take this regime head-on to ensure that we bring back the dignity and decorum of our people.

In response, Zanu PF youth deputy secretary Lewis Matutu said:

We thought we were dealing with peaceful and civilised people; now we are realising that they are uncivilised and we have to prepare ourselves ngavauye mustreet vaone (let them come onto the streets; we are ready). .

We are not going to fold our hands while they continue to insult our president. We are going to defend our president, we don’t just talk they know what we can do.

We are not happy; we will teach them a lesson. We may be quite but we are not stupid. We respect our president’s call for peace and unity.

-Daily News