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Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume has chided President Emmerson Mnangagwa implying that he is a leopard in sheep’s skin.

Commenting on the event of Mnangagwa officiating at the 2021 Southern African Chief Justices forum(SACJF), Ngarivhume said:

“The greatest irony of our time. A genocide mastermind leading a chief Justice forum.”

Meanwhile, the conference is aimed at providing a platform for Chief Justices from East and Southern Africa to engage on enhancing administration of Justice in the various jurisdictions.

Ngarivhume added:

“I have never killed anyone, or ordered someone to be killed, but Mnangagwa has done this repeatedly.

“He has watched his children grow, but taken away mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters from us.

“We live in an unjust society that elevates the wicked and persecutes the innocent.”

Apparently, President Mnangagwa stands acussed of masterminding the Gukurahundi massacres in which over 20 000 people were murdered.

Mnangagwa who was security minister is reported to have had been the ‘Chief director’ of the killings.