The Emerson Mnangagwa led Zanu-PF government has admitted that they have failed to deliver on their pre-election promises, the Daily News has reported.

Admitting to his party’s failure, ZANU PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo attributed the failure to the prevailing economic conditions which he said were making it difficult for the party to fulfill the promises. Moyo Said:

Whether we are going to achieve our goals depends on the economy, but we remain focussed. We are faced with a difficult economy, we have gone through a dry season — most parts of the country did not have adequate rainfalls. We have had a tragic Cyclone Idai, all these things mean a lot but we remain focused.

Although the Zanu-PF led government has pleaded for patience, some analysts believe the party cannot and would not be able to redeem the country from its current entanglement.

The opposition and civil society groups have as a result of the current political and economic crises threatened to take it to the streets as a sign of displeasure.