The Zimbabwe Military through its spokesperson Colonel Overson Mugwisi said it did not participate in the hostile takeover MDC Alliance property at Harvest House last Friday to help the Khupe led faction take over Chamisa’s headquarters.

Mugwisi said the soldiers that were present as seen in videos that circulated on social media during the takeover were helping ZRP enforce lockdown restrictions.

Eye witnesses said the Zimbabwe military assisted MDC Alliance rebels to evict Chamisa’s security and made sure they did not return to the property. Unconfirmed reports say the same “hostile forces” are still manning the place and providing security for the pro-Mnangagwa government MDC-T and MDC Alliance rebels who have now occupied the building.

Speaking to the state media about the invasion Mugwisi said:

Allegations by the private media that the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF), accompanied by some youths, seized Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House (MRT House), formerly Harvest House on 5 June 2020, are not true. The ZDF never deployed at MRT House. Current ZDF deployments are in support of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) operations of enforcing Covid-19 lockdown measures,

It is the work of political mischief makers to present online media footage of the ZRP in uniform conducting their duties as the ZDF. ZDF uniform is distinct. All the misinformation is trying to divert public attention from challenges facing their political parties. They should leave us out of their politics.