Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s much vaunted Vision 2030 received a throbbing from the country’s underpaid teachers who continue to wail for a living wage amid worsening economic conditions in the landlocked southern African nation.

The teachers say they can’t start living well after 2030 when the country would have attained its middle-income economy as projected by Mnangagwa’s Government in its economic blueprint.

According to the Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe, the so-called interventions announced by the Government to address the plight of the teachers are just but ‘a load of manure’.

“The pseudo-interventions announced for teachers amount to a load of manure,” the PTUZ wrote on Twitter.

The teachers also took a swipe at Peermanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, George Guvamatanga for implying that the teachers never earned US$540.

“There is no substitute for a living wage. Despite the crass attempt by Guvamatanga to claim we never earned $540, we still demand restoration of that salary. We can’t start living well after 2030,” added the PTUZ,” the PTUZ added.

Since taking over from the late Robert Mugabe in November 2017 coup, Mnangagwa and his Government have had perennial problems with the country’s restive teachers who continue to demand for a living wage and restoration of the US$540 minimum wage.