Zimbabwean journalists have been injured while covering violent clashes between Harare police and vendors.

Lovejoy Mutongwiza of 263Chat, who was hit by a teargas canister while covering the removal of the vendors from the streets, is said to be receiving medical care at a local hospital.

According to 263 Nigel Mugamu 263Chat, founder and chief executive officer, Mutongwiza ran for dear life when police started beating up vendors and hid in the organization’s offices where a teargas canister was tossed by one of the policemen.

“The majority of the @263Chat team were in the office at the time. The tear gas canister was fired into the office and the officials blocked the door so the team couldn’t escape. My team escaped via the window. The actual canister still on the floor in the @263Chat office. None of us can get into the office. The smell of the tear gas is still heavy in the air.”

The video below shows 263Chat team’s office engulfed in teargas smoke as the police went into their offices and threw a teargas canister inside the small office.