Muvhevhi wife speaks about Madzibaba adverse prophecy

EX-CID Cop chased money and women

Jaison Muvhevi’s wife offered a full interview after attending a court session today in solidarity with her husband.

The proceedings of the court today have not been made public but Muvevi’s wife has given a full interview opening up to the nation about the mysterious  rogue CID officer who senselessly killed people in Zimbabwe recently.

What Jaison Muvevi’s wife said:

  • We met in Gweru 2016 after he retired
  • He had several gold mines in the Midlands
  • We have 2 children. Jaison has other 3 children from first marriage Wife sorry for the alleged crimes committed by Jaison
  • Jaison Muvhevhi left in 2002 and have been living with a girlfriend since
  • I am not on social media these days. On App, I am avoiding and deleting videos-messages relating to Jaison
  • I am requesting people to stop sending me messages on my phone regarding my husband’s case

Pictures of Jaison Muvevi’s wife at court

This interview comes in the wake of a heartbreaking funeral video by the slain policeman Maxwell Hove who reasoned that her son could have survived if his work tools were in order.

The mother of Wedza Police Officer-in-Charge Maxwell Hove who was killed by a rogue ex-cop, Jaison Muvhevhi, said her son died because he was in a battered police car whose door wouldn’t open and that the police gun wouldn’t work after jamming.

Late Police Boss….Maxwell Hove’s mother speaks:

She also said:

I am a bereaved mother whose heart bleeds for her son’s death. Forgive me, but you have to listen to me, I am very hurt because my son could not escape from the police vehicle he was in because its door could not open.

How is it possible that the door of a police station vehicle failed to open? Even if you were in my shoes, you would be hurt under such circumstances as a mother. Maybe if the door of the vehicle had opened, the story could have been different.

If that vehicle had doors expected of a police vehicle, maybe my son would be alive.

Secondly, I was told the gun he was using failed to discharge. The ZRP needs state of the art firearms not those of the Ian Smith era that are outdated. Provided modern weapons, our police officers will feel safe in the conduct of their duties.