STAR FM radio personality and former ZBC TV  sports presenter Spencer Banda who made headlines during the past week after he was allegedly bashed while undressed on accusations of bedding a married woman Saturday dragged his assailant to court.

Banda dragged his alleged lover’s husband, Michael Mawedze, 41, before magistrate Amanda Muridzo.

Mawedze was charged with assault and was freed on $30 bail before his case was remanded to May 24 for trial.

His other accomplices are yet to be apprehended.

According to court papers, the woman at the centre of the story is Sharon Mawede who resides in Kambuzuma Section 5 with her husband Michael.

It is alleged that on May 3, Banda went to Mawede’s place of residence with the intention to collect some stockings from Sharon.

The court heard it was around 9pm when he arrived at Mawede’s place where Sharon was alone at home.

It is alleged that Sharon then brought the stockings to Banda’s car and she then got into the vehicle since it was raining.

The state further alleges that the two stared counting the pairs of stockings and realised that one pair was missing.

Sharon allegedly told Banda that the pair was at her cousin’s place and they decided to go there to collect it.

Banda allegedly asked Sharon to drive the vehicle since she was familiar with the area.

Court heard when they were on their way, another vehicle showed up from behind before it overtook Banda’s car.

It is alleged the vehicle was being driven by Mawedze who was in the company of three other men.

Prosecutors alleged that Mawedze went on to block Banda’s car before he got out of his vehicle together with his accomplices.

They then confronted Banda accusing him of snatching his wife and attacked him with booted feet and open hands.

He allegedly lost his wallet containing US$1 300 and R2 600, a cell phone and a wrist watch.

Court also heard that the suspects dragged Banda out of the car and broke his car keys when they tried to snatch them from the ignition.

It is alleged Mawedze started assaulting his wife while his accomplices were beating Banda.

Court heard the accused went on to drag Banda to a certain house where there was proper light and continued assaulting him.

Court papers, however, did not outline how Banda managed to escape and report the case.

Lovemore Siyamunda appeared for the state.

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