Zimbabwe’s restless liberation war fighters have refused to be silenced by Mugabe.

They are still considering an appropriate response to his ‘dissidents’ and gukurahundi utterances.

Whatever will come out of their response, one thing is now clear, that war vets do not want Mugabe as president and leader of Zimbabwe and ZanuPF.

Even Mugabe said it himself: “They(war vets) are going as far as China saying we want a new president for Zimbabwe and ZanuPF,” said Mugabe.

From what we have gathered from many experts on ZanuPF succession matrix, ‘war vets are not concerned with the political side of succession, many of them are small to large scale business owners and their main worry is the “crippling economic situation and the failure of their businesses” apparently caused by Mugabe’s inability to name a successor’.

At a time when countries like China are now disengaging from Zimbabwe due to ‘succession crises,’ war vets have gone on to anoint Vice President Emmerson D Mnangagwa from Team Lacoste faction as Mugabe’s heir.

A war vet who refused to be named told zwnews.com that “in Mnangagwa, the liberation fighters have found a name that can be trusted by foreign investors to revive and bring Zimbabwe back from the stone age,” he said.

To show how serious they are with the Mnangagwa-Mugabe succession issue, war vets will respond to Mugabe by this Wednesday, once again showing him that he has started a war that he might not win.

In his usual combative attitude, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) spokesperson Douglas Mahiya promised aluta continua..

“We are currently consulting each other and by Wednesday, we would have met and deliberated on the matters arising and have a response to the issues at hand,” he said.