After his friend Emmerson Mnangagwa nearly died from poisoned food, outspoken war vets leader Victor Matemadanda has gone on to challenge the instigators of Zanu PF chemical warfare telling them that their plots will come to nothing.

Matemadanda was arrested last week after he sent an unusual t-shirt message to Grace Mugabe.

“Control your children,” was the message that angered the Zimbabwe First Family.

After the First Family was fingered in the recent poisoning incidences in the ruling party, Matemadanda silently warned them that poisons will do nothing to stop him and his colleagues from demanding that ‘Mugabe must resign’ and be replaced by their man, Emmerson D Mnangagwa.

“Elimination by whatever means and methods will not stop us..,” said the message that has been interpreted as a response to the Mugabe family’s alleged involvement in food poisoning.