As the war against Vuzu parties escalates, a popular Bulawayo lawyer Sindiso Mazibisa, has pledged to donate fuel to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP)  so that they rove around the city and arrest more teenagers who engage in rowdy beer binge parties.

Police arrested 131 youths in the past days and recovered erection pills, condoms, and weapons.

Speaking against Vuzu  parties Mazibisa said:

“We need to restore legal parental discipline to curtail juvenile delinquency, create reformatory schools and stiffer sentences for drugs both dealing and possession. Anyone with ZRP numbers, l want to donate 20litres for more raids on Vuzu Rubbish Parties. Some of us are ready and willing to effect citizen arrests.”

Young people in Bulawayo have developed a tradition of going on the rampage in the City Centre on the first Saturday after schools close and the last Saturday before a new school term begins.