PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday said government will seek the extradition of his G40 rivals that sought refuge in South Africa after escaping the 2017 coup.

Several loyalists of the late Robert Mugabe fled the country after their homes were attacked by the military during the coup and were targeted for arrests over alleged corruption cases.

The government says the members of the former Zanu PF faction known as G40 were influencing South Africa’s ruling ANC, which has taken a tough stance over alleged human rights violations in Zimbabwe.

Mnangagwa told a Zanu PF provincial meeting in Gweru that his government would lean on South Africa to force his rivals to return home where he said they faced criminal charges.

“Zimbabwe and South Africa have an extradition treaty,” he said.

“I am going to give instructions to invoke the treaty and make those committing crimes whilst hiding there accountable.

“Our people will live in peace.

“Those who are bent on creating chaos in the country will face the law of the country.

“We don’t care if they are getting money from the West.”

Some of the former Mugabe loyalists that are living in exile in South Africa are Saviour Kasukuwere, Walter Mzembi, Patrick Zhuwawo and Augustine Chihuri.

Chihuri recently told the High Court that he was being persecuted by Mnangagwa over personal differences that dated back to the liberation war and involved a woman.

Patrick Chinamasa, the acting Zanu PF spokesperson, on Friday said the ANC must stop associating with the exiled former ruling party members whom he said were fugitives.

The issue of G40 was also at the centre of discussions between an ANC delegation and Zanu PF in Harare last week where the ruling party reportedly protested against South Africa’s decision to give the exiles sanctuary.

ANC reportedly insisted that they would not take sides in the dispute between the Zanu PF factions. -Byo24