Exactly 12 months after Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries leader Walter Magaya grabbed headlines amid allegations of sexual misconduct on female congregants, the outspoken cleric is at it again, and is now being accused of duping his followers in a botched stands deal.

Reports indicate that hundreds of PHD Ministries followers besieged Magaya’s offices in Cape Town, South Africa, and voiced concerns over alleged dithering by the self-proclaimed prophet to allocate stands to his followers who have been paying varying amounts since 2016.

The PHD congregants who allege foul play are now demanding refunds from Planet Africa, the investment arm of Magaya’s church.

The duped PHD followers, who were asked to pay varying amounts depending on the promised sizes of the stands, contend that they want refunding since nothing has materialised to date.

According to the agreement of sale, the investors, named as partners in a visibly dubious agreement, were informed that the sizes of the stands and prices were to vary and would be determined after the sub-division of the land.

Since the inception of the housing scheme in 2016, the would-be beneficiaries were paying monthly deposits ranging between US$1 000 and US$4 000.

Puzzlingly, the ‘duped’ homeseekers, who were expecting the first batch of stands early this year, have waited in vain as nothing has materialised as yet.

But in his response, Magaya blames the Covid19 pandemic for the snail’s pace in the implementation of projected accomplishments of the housing scheme.

“The lockdowns, not only in Zimbabwe but across the world, have affected all spheres of life. Once business returns to normal, we will continue with the housing project,” said the outspoken cleric through his spokesperson Admire Mango.

The housing scam comes barely a year after Magaya was alleged of having sexually abused some female congregants of his popular chapel.The PHD leader has, to this day, failed to clear his name.

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Additional Reporting: Zwnews