A picture of a seemingly angry Vice President Chiwenga barking instruction at ED Mnangagwa has gone viral.

While no one knows what he was uttering many are already concluding that Chiwenga is Zimbabwe’s number one and he actually wields a lot of power over the head of state and government.

Commenting on the picture and the fallout following the dismissal of 16000 nurses by Chiwenga, social media experts summed it all:

—I feel sorry for your leader brother because honestly someone is squeezing his b***s and he can’t do anything about it, he was given a job on a plate and he can’t complain. 

How on earth can a VP fire more than 16K Nurses?. How stupid can Zimbabwean Politicians go?. Instead of solving the problem, you’re putting jet fuel and setting it alight.

—-Ed can never do the unthoughful of firing thousands achida mavotes in july..someone who doesn’t think did that.

—ED is a puppet. I think Chiwenga the war load is the one running things here where was ED when yellow bone was firing these nurses.—

—Sad truth..even if he wants to improve the country from his predecessor status, he has to take instructions from the military guys..