Exiled former cabinet minister Walter Mzembi says the voting in Kenya in which there is a very thin line between the two front runners, William Ruto and Raila Odinga shows citizens want them both pointing to a unity government.

“When a Country ‘ s choice on Who should govern them is razor split across the middle as is the case btwn
@RailaOdinga & @WilliamsRuto, the message from the Electorate is that of a Unity GVT, Shona culture – Dare ( Inclusive Governance),” he says.

Meanwhile, as vote counting continues in Kenya, there is a very thin line separating Ruto and Odinga.

Latest updates indicate that Ruto is slightly in the lead with, 49.91% against Odinga’s 49.41% of the votes.

For a candidate to win they should get 50+1% that’s majority vote.