Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has raised vote rigging alert at Tomlinson Depot formerly Morris Depot.

“Our polling agents have completed the count at the Hiller Rd polling stations. @ZECzim is refusing to release the V11s saying that they’re awaiting instructions from above.

“These are the tents that the barracks, Tomlinson Depot and Morris Depot vote,” says CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere.

She says ZEC isn’t filling in the v11 forms because their agent took issue with the fact that there are more postal votes than were initially accounted for.

“They say they cannot proceed until they get instructions from the top. Our agent is in.

“A senior ZEC official appears to have arrived and will hopefully give direction on what’s to happen to the extra postal votes that aren’t accounted for and the v11s that they’re refusing to release. V11s aren’t being posted outside the polling station,” says Mahere.