Six schools from Bulilima District in Matabeleland South Province were destroyed by a violent storm which lasted for seven hours last Tuesday, it has emerged.

Although the storm did not cause any injuries to human beings, it reportedly left a trail of destruction, causing massive damage to infrastructure.

According to Bulilima Rural District Council chief executive officer John Brown Ncube, the schools that were severely affected by the storm include Gala, Gampu, Bambadzi, Mangubo, Gonde and Mhuke.

The combined damage is estimated at a cost of US$40 000.

“We had schools adversely affected at different levels by violent storms that hit the district a few days ago. Mangubo Primary damage which is at the cottage is minor and the school will do repairs as they lost ridges. The school is located in Ward 12 in Hingwe. Bambadzi Primary School’s one cottage lost five asbestos sheets and a classroom block had six ridges blown off and the school is situated in Ward 10,” Ncube said.

“Mhuke Primary School in Ward 7 had serious damage to its block of toilets with eight squat holes. There will be a need for new blocks altogether. Also damaged was the ECD play centre. Gonde Primary School lost two blocks of classrooms with one block losing 48 sheets of zinc roofing material and another losing 28 sheets of zinc roofing material,” he said.

Added Ncube:

“Gonde School is in Ward 22 in Khame. Gala Primary School in Ward 6 lost a classroom in the storm. Gampu Primary school had a minor damage which will be attended to by school authorities at local level. The estimated damage is US$40 000″.

Confirming the sad development, Bulilima West Zanu PF legislator Dingumuzi Phuti said at some schools, classroom blocks were totally destroyed leaving pupils and teachers stranded.

“As a legislator I have also engaged the local authority and just discussed with chief executive officer of Bulilima RDC and will alert the Minister of State for Matabeleland South Provincial Affairs so that the disaster management aspect of Government should be activated to look at that calamity,” Phuti said.

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additional reporting: Zwnews