Marange villagers have decided to take matters into their own hands by protesting over the looting of diamond revenue, destruction of the environment & human rights abuses by the government.

Despite being a diamond rich area. Marange still remains underdeveloped, some villagers were forced to move from their homesteads to pave way for mining activities. The plundering of diamonds has caused a strain on the environment including deforestation and land pollution.

The diamond project had not given back anything to the villagers in terms of infrastructure, huge employment opportunities and income.

The villagers feel violated by the mining companies who are ‘all take and never give’.

There have also been reports that the villagers are not allowed to mine in the diamond fields and any sightings will result in heavy punishment by the law.

The government has reportedly deployed  the police and the army who are alleged to have fired warning shots and threw teargas canisters in a bid to disperse the angry mob.

The Marange diamond fields are said to be run by govt owned ZCDC (Zim consolidated diamond company).

marange villagers

marange villagers


marange villagers