UPDATED: Members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police(ZRP) fire live  ammunition through a bedroom window in an attempt to arrest a machete wielding Mashurugwi thug who barricaded himself in the house to avoid arrest.


The location of the incident is not yet known.

In the video below, 6 ZRP officers go after a gang member who seems to have locked himself in a house and the police seem ill-equipped to take the criminal on and apprehend him. The thug does not have firearms but statements from the public suggest that he has at his disposal a shovel which he can use to attack the officers.

The police officers finally resort to using the gun they have. The police fired three shots into the air but the alleged criminal seems unmoved and does not come out of his hiding place. One of the police officers then fires his weapon directly into the house multiple times.

It is not clear whether he intended to shoot the criminal with the shots which were fired at the door and through the window.

However, the criminal seems unscathed and even has the temerity to throw a bucket of water at the police officers through the window.