In the aftermath of the tragic passing of St. George’s College student Ashley Musendekwa, a video has surfaced, capturing his last moments before a devastating car accident claimed his life in Harare.

Ashley Musendekwa, the deputy head boy of St. George’s College and a senior student, tragically lost his life in a fatal car collision. The accident occurred on a Wednesday evening when the vehicle he was driving collided head-on with a Koala Park Abattoir truck along Harare Drive in Mt Pleasant.

In the short but emotionally charged video, which has since gone viral, Ashley can be seen strolling through the school premises, seemingly in a car park. In the background, someone recording the video asks if he has any final words. In response, Ashley poignantly utters, “You only appreciate something when it’s gone.”

This touching video has evoked a flood of emotions across social media platforms, leaving many individuals deeply saddened and grieving the loss of a young life. Some online commentators have even speculated that his last words may have conveyed a sense of premonition, as if he knew he was about to meet a tragic end.