The Non-governmental Gender Organisations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) in Zambia has been alerted to an obscene video where a man is seen forcing himself on a powerless woman while members of the public cheer on.

NGOCC says the conduct by the man forcing himself on a woman in public is not only barbaric, but a demeaning and dehumanizing form of torture anyone can be subjected to by a fellow human being.

“As the women’s movement we are particularly disgusted that members of the public, both women and men, were watching and cheering on the man to force himself onto the powerless woman instead of helping.

“It is sad to note how society is degenerating and losing its moral fiber and the actions of the persons in the video are indictive of the level of moral decay in our society.

“The whole incident, which allegedly happened in Eastern Province, Zambia and is circulating on social media platforms should be condemned by all,” says the organisation.

NGOCC says it condemns in the strongest terms the SAVAGE behaviour of the man and his supporters in question and demand that the Zambia Police and the Zambia Information and Communications Authority (ZICTA) immediately identify and arrest the RAPIST and the accomplices to this wicked, Evil, Insidious and Shameful act.

The women’s movement adds that it is devasted and very perturbed at the moral decay in our society as well as how can society condone such acts as depicted in the video?

“Where are we going as a people? Where is our sense of humanity? Where are we as a Christian Nation? Where is the spirit of Ubuntu?

“We take this opportunity to remind the public of our collective responsibility as each-others keepers. We ought not to find ourselves as accomplices to crime in any way either passively or actively.

“If a crowd made up of adults can see such a heinous act as normal and something to laugh and encourage, then there is serious cause for worry for our morals and national values and our future generation,” adds NGOCC.