Makandiwa joins Mnangagwa food poisoning drama

Harare: United Family International Church (UFIC) leader, Emmanuel Makandiwa reportedly told his followers during a church service yesterday that he prophesied Mnangagwa’s food poisoning incident on April 9 this year and publicly shared the prophesy.

 “I see someone in authority, who is loyal to a higher office, swallowing poison through food and vomiting blood and rushed to the hospital and only prayer can save him( in other words, medical help is of no use),” Makandiwa said in an April recorded video, which he showed to his congregants yesterday.
Sources who spoke to on condition that their names are not revealed confirmed that Mnangagwa has been vomiting a blood like substance following food poisoning over the weekend.

UFIC spokesperson Prime Kufa confirmed the prophecy, saying: “Yes the video was played, re-living the service of the 9th of April wherein the man of God spoke about the need to pray for a prominent politician because he was seeing something entering his stomach causing him to vomit — food first and then blood and ending up in hospital. Though the man of God did not mention any names, you need to watch the footage in order to come up with your own interpretation.” zimnews/Newsday