A video capturing the tragic aftermath of Garry Mapanzure’s accident has surfaced on social media. The heart-wrenching footage shows the moments following a head-on collision involving the vehicle in which they were traveling.

In the video, Garry Mapanzure and the other passengers can be observed still trapped inside the car, awaiting extraction from the wreckage. The musician appears to be barely conscious.

On the other hand, his sister, who occupied the passenger seat, is fully conscious and can be heard crying out in agony upon being freed from the car. Unfortunately, her child did not share the same fate and tragically lost their life on the spot.

Watch video here.

NB* Viewers Discretion is strongly advised

Zimbabwe Mourns: Musician Garry Mapanzure’s Tragic Passing While Awaiting Ambulance for Specialized Care

In a somber revelation, it has come to light that musician Garry Mapanzure tragically lost his life while awaiting an ambulance to transport him to Harare for specialized medical attention. Zimbabwe is in mourning, grieving the loss of this talented artist whose life support battle concluded in heart-wrenching tragedy.

Renowned Zimbabwean musician Garry Mapanzure, also known as Gary Mapanzure, had been in a critical condition, relying on life support following a harrowing accident that claimed two lives instantly on Thursday.

However, insider sources involved in the incident provided a glimmer of hope when an ambulance, fully equipped with essential ICU apparatus, arrived to convey the musician to Harare. Garry was on the brink of a journey to Harare to consult with a neurologist and receive the specialized care he so urgently required. Tragically, it was during the very moment when Garry Mapanzure was waiting for the ambulance to facilitate his transfer to Harare that he succumbed to his injuries. The accident, which had initially left him in critical condition, exacted a devastating toll on his life.

He was patiently awaiting ambulance transport to Harare for the specialized care that held his best chance of recovery.