South African opposition Economic Freedom Fighters president, Julius Malema has escalated the fight against xenophobia and threats to attack foreign nationals, including Zimbabweans.

Addressing a crowd, Malema said Africans should reject being used to attack fellow Africans.

He says the major problem is that some South Africans were made to believe that if they force foreigners out of the country, things like employment will be abundant for them, adding that this is just an illusion.

Malema says the jobs occupied by foreigners is just a drop in the ocean in as far as unemployment in SA is concerned.

South Africa has often made headlines for wrong reasons, especially violent attacks against immigrants.

Without presenting any evidence, some South Africans allege that foreign nationals are mainly responsible for crimes ranging from robbery, sex slavery, kidnappings, and human trafficking to the peddling of drugs.


Video courtesy of Newshawks