The country’s policing authorities have issued a stern warning to prominent Zimbabweans and politicians with a penchant for flagrantly disregarding stipulated traffic laws by driving unregistered vehicles, saying they will not be spared in a clampdown targeting plate-less, unregistered and unlicensed vehicles.

In a press statement, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) said it is concerned by the increasing numbers of motorists, or vehicle owners, who have a despicable trait of using unregistered, posh jalopies ‘thinking they are above the law’.

The ZRP operation targeting vehicles that do not display registration plates or are not registered in terms of the Vehicle Registration And Licensing Act Chapter 13:14, has this year netted 43108 vehicles across the country.

Police say all violators will be nabbed albeit their political status.

The statement from the police partly reads:

“Since January 15, 2022, ZRP has accounted for 43108 vehicles throughout the country. ZRP is concerned by the conduct of some motorists or vehicle owners who are driving posh and lavish vehicles on the roads and parking them in public places whilst clearly not displaying number plates. This conduct is also being exhibited by prominent persons and political figures.”

The police added that they are going to ‘impound such vehicles and ensure that the law takes its course.’

“No excuses will be entertained by police officers on check points, road blocks and other law enforcement sites. Motorists are being reminded that it is a legal requirement for all vehicles on the roads and public laws to be registered in order to curb cases of criminals who are taking advantage to commit robbery, murder, rape, hit and run road traffic accidents and other cases.”