COMEDIENNE and musician Mai TT’s parents received lobola at their Budiriro house yesterday.
Mai TT, real name Felistas Murata, introduced her husband Tinashe Maphosa to her family according to custom.

Tinashe paid US$15 000 cash, clothes worth US$1500 and groceries worth more than US$1000.

He also promised to clear part of the rusambo charged US$18 000.

Mai TT’s mother Esther Murata and her sisters could not hold their elation as they invited Tinashe to the dance floor and photo shoot.

“Rugwaro rwanga rwakanyorwa rwekutukwa nekuda kwaFelistas nhasi Mwari arudzima,” said Mai Murata.

“Felistas has today wiped my tears.

“I have been laughed at, called names and mocked because of Felistas but today she has revived my spirit.

“She has healed my bones, may the goodness and mercy continue to be upon her.

“Thank you Tinashe for loving my daughter, thank you with the lobola.

“Wandipfekedza, wandinyaradza uye wandidadisa wakudza dzinza,” said Mai Murata.

Mai TT’s father and church elder Edward Murata told H-Metro that he thought his daughter was joking when she gave them the date for the lobola ceremony.

“To be honest with you I just learnt about Mai TT’s wedding on social media like any of her fans,” said Elder Murata.

“When she told us about payment of lobola we were not convinced.

“Ndakatotya kuudza dzimwe hama nezvemaroora nekuti takafunga kuti atanga drama.

“I believed her when two kombis arrived and I could not phone all expected family members.

“Felistas has done us proud, she has taken us to another level.

“I have no much to say but to welcome my son in-law Tinashe and his family for respecting us,” said Elder Murata.

Murata narrated how Mai TT grew up in a family of five children that included two boys taking them to AFM church where he is an elder.

Mai TT invited family members to an after party held at her house.

Prophet Passion Java, musicians Fungisai Zvakavapano, Felly Nandi, Diana Samkange, Mathias Mhere and Gemma Griffiths graced the after party.

Tinashe told H-Metro that he felt blessed to join Murata family saying paying lobola has given him an opportunity to take Mai TT to United States of America.

“I am happy that I have paid lobola according to custom,” said Tinashe.

“I can’t wait to take my wife to USA since I have done all what is needed according to marriage custom,” he said soon after paying lobola.