Copied| The pictures below have been circulating online following reports that a Mutare woman going by the name Joyie was given US$15 000 by a very happy gold miner.
The lady below reportedly went home with US$15 000 in her purse after entertaining a “scruffy” client for the night.
According to the lady’s colleagues, the man, whose identity could not be established, was scruffy. Those interviewed said the man was clad in a dirty tattered pair of black jeans, a black T-shirt and rugged shoes. He was unappealing and seemingly drunk, thereby prompting the ladies of the night to shun him when he came intending to hire one of them.
Reports from the eastern town say Joyie’s colleagues as well as security personnel at her place of business confirmed the incident before providing The Weekender with pictures of the lady showing off her fortune.
The pictures have since gone viral on social media.
A sex worker only identified as Maud said the client told Joyie that he was adding more zeros to his $15 offer and gave her a breakdown. He said US$5 000 was meant for her lobola, the other US$5 000 was for her upkeep, while the remaining US$5 000 was for her car.
sources: mbare times, facebook,  punch star