Image credit..Daily Maverick: US President Joe Biden’s administration has expressed concern over the continued, unchecked Corruption in Zimbabwe saying it is bleeding the country’s economy.

U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Ranking Member, Sen. Jim Risch, R-Idaho, said state capture and corruption in Zimbabwe is a cause for worry.

He made these remarks following a report by the Daily Maverick chronicling how top politicians in Zimbabwe are looting national resources.

“State capture and corruption in Zimbabwe continue to be a concern of mine.

“A timely report released by Daily Maverick exposes the destructive effects that elite cartels play in robbing the country’s future.

“Our partners, the Zimbabwean people, deserve better,” he said.

Meanwhile, the US Embassy in Harare says cartels have been used to milk state coffers dry, at the expense of the general public.

“Cartels’ domestic activities have.. transferred billions of dollars from citizens to corrupt public officials and the private sector actors they collude with..

“Cartels thrive in Zimbabwe because of a complex mix of political, economic and social factors,” noted the Embassy.