United States President Joe Biden has announced his intent to nominate Pamela Tremont as the new US ambassador to Zimbabwe.

Tremont has previously served as deputy chief of mission at US embassies in Sweden, Ukraine and Cyprus.

Prior, she was US deputy director for Nato policy.

She has also served as US political-economic counsellor in Zambia and as political-military officer at the US embassies in the UK and Turkey, as well as at the State Department’s Africa bureau.

She holds a Master’s degree in national security resource strategy.

She is expected to replace the current Ambassador to Zimbabwe who is Thomas R. Hastings, an American diplomat.

The first United States Ambassador to Zimbabwe was appointed on May 23, 1980, after the Republic of Zimbabwe replaced the previous white-minority government of Rhodesia, and its successor Zimbabwe-Rhodesia (1979–1980).

The Republic of Zimbabwe came into being on April 18, 1980. The United States immediately recognized the new nation and moved to establish diplomatic relations.

An embassy in Harare was established on April 18, 1980—independence day for Zimbabwe. Jeffrey Davidow was appointed as chargé d’affaires ad interim pending the appointment of an ambassador.

The first ambassador, Robert V. Keeley, was appointed one month later on May 23, 1980.

Newshawks/ Wikiwand